On trend - the fashionable side of wine

The New Zealand Herald writer Jo Burzynska looks at the wine drinking habits of Kiwis and finds we are right on trend when it comes to favourite wine styles:

Some say wine is a fashion industry. They're not talking about the Diesel label's wine brand or the clothes made of cellulose from vats of vino past their use-by date: rather, the significant swings in trends we see in what we're imbibing and who's doing the drinking.

Despite a wobble in wine consumption due to the global economic crisis, the world has generally been drinking more wine, with its quaffing predicted to increase in the coming years. However, there's been a shift in drinking patterns, as the traditional wine-drinking nations of Europe drink less, while nations newer to wine, such as the US, China and New Zealand too, are drinking more than ever. Here we've downed an average of three more litres a year each over the past decade.

What the world is drinking has also been changing with the times. There's been something of a backlash against the highly oaked and alcoholic styles of previous decades. Now fresh, fruity and under 14 per cent appears to be flavour of the month.

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