Lindsay Ronga the CEO of was invited to attend the COMPLEXITY launch in Denver recently, here's a little of what she had to say: 17 September 2010

"New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a broken record. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all tried it. Does it have its merits? Heck yes. Has it been talked about at length? Heck yes. Then there was New Zealand Pinot Noir. People were excited. But as I learned this week at the New Zealand Complexity event, it’s not fair to just say “NZ Pinot.” Much like you can’t say United States Pinot. Is it from Oregon, Napa, Sonoma? Where?!

There are 8 wine regions in NZ – (from North to South) Auckland, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Martinborough, Nelson, Marlborough, Waipara, Central Otago. While Martinborough Pinot Noirs have a floral, strawberry element going on, they also have a mushroomy, fungal component. Marlboroughs on the other hand are a bit more herbal, hints of plum and spice, refined tannins. More of a strawberry rhubarb than a straight strawberry. On to, Central Otago, you get fruit city. We are talking bright fruits of ripe red cherries, concentrated strawberries and raspberries. As I described in a tasting note, it was a hug-a-bunch land of strawberry-filled pillows and I was just visiting.

I’m about to blow your mind. Yes, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote. Yes they’re nuclear free by law. But that’s not it. New Zealand is producing more, that’s right, more than just Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. And it’s good. So here it is. Reds first: merlot, Bordeaux blends, syrah. I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting these wines to be as balanced and structured. The blends were silky with a nice fruits. One of my favorites, for a pretty penny, is the 2007 Trinity Hill, Homage, from Gimblett Gravels in Hawkes Bay. The soil is gravel stones and the grapes are 91% syrah, 9% viogner. Oompa loompa fruits – juicy, rich blueness you want to dive into. Then on the taste you pick up cassis, dark chocolaty goodness. What a wine!"

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