International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration 2016

Over 300 guests descended upon Marlborough from 1-3 February to take part in the first ever International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration.

Delegates from 18 countries heard from some of the world’s most renowned wine writers and educators, and had the opportunity to taste over 400 wines.

With the support of NZTE and Tourism NZ, New Zealand Winegrowers has produced over 60 videos of international trade and media commenting on New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at the Celebration.

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Click here to see a video about New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, as described by international trade and media.

What did the international trade and media say about New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc?


Click here to view the videos from Dorian Tang, Frankie Zhao, Fred Chen, Karla Wang, Leon Liang, Michael Zhang, Terry Xu, Yang Lu, Ying Guo, Young Shi and ZhiMin Sun. 


Click here to view the videos from Joe Czerwinski, June Rodil MS, Leslie Sbrocco, Matt Kramer and Steve Tanzer.


Click here to view the videos from Daenna Van Mulligen, Shari Mogk-Edwards and Treve Ring.

UK & Europe

Click here to view the videos from Alexandre Schmitt, Cees van Casteren MW, Christina Hilker, Jacques Hermus, Jamie Goode, Jean Smullen, Markus Berlinghof, Maya Samuelsson, Melanie Brown, Oz Clarke, Peter Richards MW, Robert Joseph, Ronan Sayburn MS and Victoria Moore. 


Click here to view the videos from Jane Faulkner, Jane Thomson, Leanne Altmann and Nick Stock.

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Presentations available to view:

Day 1: International tasting - how region defines style

Oz Clarke - Video clip of presentation

Gianfranco Gallo - producer (Italy) (PDF)

Gianfranco Gallo - producer (Italy) (PDF 2)

Gianfranco Gallo - producer (Italy) presentation slides notes (PDF)

Michael Scholz - producer (USA) (PDF)

Robert Joseph (UK) (PDF)

International Tasting Presentation Jane Skilton MW (NZ) (PDF)

Day 2: The characteristic style of sauvignon blanc

I love the smell of thiol in the morning: Jamie Goode (UK) (PDF) 
Video clip of presentation

Ten years of sensory sauvignon research: Dr Wendy Parr (NZ) (PDF) 
Video clip of presentation

Olfactive discovery of Sauvignon Blanc Flavours: Alexandre Schmitt (France) (PDF) 
Video clip of presentation

Sustainability and organics, its influence and appeal: Shari Mogk-Edwards (Canada) (PDF)
Video clip of presentation

Sustainability and organics, its influence and appeal: Fabian Yukich (NZ) (PDF) 
Villa Maria Sustainability video clip

Sustainability and organics, its influence and appeal: Rachel Taulelei (NZ) (PDF) 

Video clip of Fabian and Rachel's presentations

Day 3: Sauvignon Blanc in the Market

David Gleave MW (UK) (PDF) 
Video clip of presentation

Young Shi (China) (PDF)   
Video clip of presentation

Jane Thomson (Australia) (PDF)
Video clip of presentation

Leslie Sbrocco (USA) (PDF) 
Video clip of presentation

Matt Kramer (USA) - Video clip of presentation

Mike Hutcheson (NZ) - Video clip of presentation

Guests explored the regional characteristics expressed in Sauvignon Blanc wines from eight different countries. The event saw Sauvignon Blanc from around New Zealand stand alongside examples from Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Australia, America and Austria. The unique styles from each country and region were compared, the history of the variety unearthed, and its likely future direction debated.

During the event, attendees were taken on a deep dive into the winemaking techniques used and resulting wines produced from New Zealand’s most popular grape variety. The diversity of styles examined ranged from classic stainless steel fermented wines, through to botrytised, wild fermented and oak aged approaches, as well as low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc.

While uncovering the intricacies of Sauvignon Blanc was the mainstay of the event, a range of other exciting activities were also on the agenda, including: a garden party at Marlborough’s historic Timara Lodge, a train trip through the Awatere Valley, a Kiwiana beach party, and a gala dinner with a one-off World of Wearable Art show.

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