New Zealand Winegrowers does not run a strict annual funding round system for new projects and can accept proposals anytime throughout the year. However, if a research provider would like the project to start near the beginning of a new financial year (1st July) then the Expression of Interest (EoI) needs to be sent to New Zealand Winegrowers by the 31st January of that year.

In general New Zealand Winegrowers runs a two step proposal process where an applicant can fill out a relatively short EoI template that gives enough information for the committee to evaluate whether it is worth proceeding to a full proposal that ultimately would become the contract between the applicant and New Zealand Winegrowers.

Both EoIs and full proposals should be sent to Dr Simon Hooker at New Zealand Winegrowers ().

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) invests in farmer, grower and forester-led projects that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to New Zealand’s land-based primary industries. For funding information please go to the SFF website. If you are thinking of applying for SFF funding please contact Dr Hooker in the first instance to discuss your project proposal.