Research Committee

The Winegrowers Research Committee (RC) is appointed by the Winegrowers Board to oversee the development and implementation of the national research programme of the New Zealand grape and wine industry.

The aim of the RC is to provide and promote a technological basis for the New Zealand grape and wine industry to remain internationally competitive as a leading producer of premium quality wines.

The RC is responsible for identifying and reviewing industry research needs, and determining the scope of research required to meet these needs. 

The research management team undertakes all operational aspects of research programme development and management to meet the aim of:

Building a knowledge platform that protects our ability to produce exceptional wines & supports innovation.

Winegrowers are a significant investor in research on behalf of the industry, and we work collaboratively and co-invest with a range of research partners to achieve meaningful research outcomes for industry.

The Committee acts as reference group to advise on development and review specific research projects, and members of the RC sit on various programme management teams on behalf of the industry.

RC Members



NZW Board

Dominic Pecchenino

NZW Board

Duncan McFarlane

NZW Board

Patrick Materman


Allan Johnson


Doug Bell


Heath Stafford


Melissa Tripe


Richard Rose


Samantha Scarratt

General Manager Research and Innovation*

Simon Hooker

Research Programme Manager*

Mark Eltom

Administration Assistant* *Non-voting

Janette McKibbin