What we do

As the research arm of New Zealand Winegrowers, our mission is to build a knowledge platform that protects members’ ability to produce exceptional wines and supports innovation.

The future of the New Zealand wine industry relies on research leading to technical innovation. Our research strategy focuses on five main areas:

  1. Pests and diseases.
  2. Reducing costs, increasing profitability.
  3. Sustainability and organics.
  4. Quality wine styles for existing and developing markets.
  5. Technology transfer.

Research activities are funded using a portion of the levies on grape and wine production collected from the whole of the New Zealand wine industry, and oversight is provided by the Research Committee, which includes industry members with direct experience in grapegrowing, winemaking and business.

In addition to developing and running the large science-based research programme, our team ensures the effective dissemination of information, knowledge and results to the wider New Zealand wine industry. We offer our members innovative tools, techniques and best-practice guidelines via a broad range of channels, including:



  • Articles in each issue of the industry journal, which contains a dedicated Winegrower Research Supplement
  • Fact sheets specific to individual topics or research outcomes
  • Detailed and comprehensive research reports
  • Scientific publications

     Online tools, including videos, decision support models 

     Social media and more