Why is sustainability important?

What is sustainability?

Sustainably Produced

To New Zealand’s winemakers and grape growers, sustainability means delivering excellent wine to consumers while helping the natural environment, local businesses and communities involved to thrive. The Maori word Toitū (pron. toy-TOO)… more

Sustainability as a Culture

Imagine a land so remote that no European set foot on it until the 18th Century. A land with a history of mechanical cultivation that only goes back two hundred years. A… more

Caring for the Environment

In keeping with our heritage of kaitiakitanga, the wine industry’s roots are deeply embedded in sustainability. Even as New Zealand was establishing itself as a serious wine-producing nation in the 1990s, industry… more

Our Vineyards

Oct 2016

  • 98.0% Certified Sustainable
  • 7.0% Certified Organic
  • 0.2% Certified Biodynamic

Sustainability in Action

In tandem with the land

Posted by Akarua

Akarua is located in the unique environment of Central Otago. An area of rocky peaks, barren wilderness and beautiful lakes, this part of New Zealand is world renowned for its majestic scenery and outdoor adventure opportunities. The Central Otago climate is harsh and unforgiving but is beneficial to wine grape growing in that the sunny and hot summer season with its low rainfall is sharply contrasted by the cold clear winters. Established in 1996, Akarua Vineyard is a 50 hectare vineyard located on the hillsides and river terraces of the Bannockburn Inlet, approximately 5 kilometers south of the township of Cromwell, Central Otago. The aspect is westerly facing and is…

What does “sustainable” mean for NZ wine?

For us, sustainability means delivering excellent wine to consumers in a way that enables the natural environment, the businesses and the communities involved, to thrive. We’ve identified seven “pillars” as our key… more

Towards 100% sustainability

In 2007, after wide consultation, New Zealand Winegrowers launched an ambitious Sustainability Policy. Its goal: by 2012, all New Zealand wines would be produced under independently audited environmental programmes. The Policy was… more

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Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand was established in 1994 as an industry initiative directed through New Zealand Winegrowers and was commercially introduced in… more

Organic Winegrowing New Zealand

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is a growers’ association dedicated to supporting and encouraging the production of high quality organic wines. Find… more