Sustainability In Action

Our Organic Approach

Biodiversity Posted by Dog Point Vineyards

Dog Point's vineyards are certified organic under the BioGro New Zealand Programme which is an independent certification process established to promote environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible practices. One of the initiatives we carry out as part of our organic regime is the turning of vine prunings and winery waste into mulch to create a healthy organic compost for use on plantings throughout the property. We also collect leachate from this process and apply it to…

Our southern wetland

Biodiversity Posted by Amisfield

One of Amisfield's cornerstone sustainability projects has been the development of New Zealand's first wetland winery waste water recycling plants, which is testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainable management practices throughout our business. Wetlands are amazingly efficient and diverse ecosystems that have the ability to stabilise and purify the natural environment. With every winemaking facility there comes the responsibility to manage the resulting waste water which can include residues from the juices and cleaning…

The birds on patrol

Biodiversity Posted by Amisfield

Our South African born vineyard manager Andre Lategan introduced a rasp of African Guinea Fowl back in 2004 and thanks to Andre's dedication in egg hunting, incubation and nursery care the birds are now flourishing. They patrol the vineyard in "gangs" or "teams" and like feeding on the grass grub pest. From time to time Andre also lets us test the theory that Pinot Noir is a great food match with gamey bird.

Waimea's Sustainability Story

By-products Posted by Waimea Estates

Waimea has 140 hectares of family vineyards which crops approximately 1,100 tonnes of fruit into the winery per year. We also bring in around 900 tonnes of local grower fruit which regularly gives us a 2,000 tonne vintage through our winery. At Waimea we constantly strive to protect the environmental integrity of our wine production. We adhere closely to a pioneering set of industry standards known as Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ). SWNZ provides the…

Sustainability in Practice at Pask

Posted by Pask Winery

Pask operates all 59 Ha of our Gimblett Gravels vineyards and the winery under Sustainable Winegrowing NZ accreditation, having done so the programme’s inception. We are proud to have been actively involved in the initial planning and implementation of the initiative and continue to give our support to its aims. The soil of the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District™ is a unique area of land, comprising alluvial deposits exposed when the Ngaruroro River flooded and established…