Pinot Gris

Mouth-filling, rich, refreshing. An intense pleasure, whether refreshingly light or richly complex.

Grown throughout the country, New Zealand Pinot Gris is more akin to Alsace in style than the drier Pinot Grigio, with notes of apple, pear, honeysuckle, spice and bread. The warmer North Island climate tends to create ripe, fat, oily styles whilst the cooler South Island produces tighter wines with great structure. A lot of New Zealand Pinot Gris undergoes a small amount of barrel ageing, with wild yeasts and lees stirring for complexity.

  • With the first serious plantings only appearing in the early 1990s, Pinot Gris has enjoyed a dramatic rise to fame and is now the third most popular white variety.
  • Much winemaking effort with new Zealand Pinot Gris is focused on building texture, mouth feel and complexity.

“New Zealand’s cooler, maritime climate engenders numerous more phenolic, Alsatian-inspired, waxy textured (Pinot Gris) wines imbued with great complexity and nuance” — Neal Martin,

25 7% 2.2%

Food Matching

The gentle acidity and marked fruitiness of a well balanced Pinot Gris perfectly complements roast pork with a stewed pear sauce, or match with creamy pastas, poultry and seafood. Look for apples, pears, honeysuckle, spice and bread flavours.


  • Fish, Seafood & Shellfish
  • Pasta
  • Poultry


  • Cream
  • Garlic


  • Savoury

Cellaring & Serving

1-4 years

Serving Temperature



Typical regional styles

Climate is the major factor in the distinction of regional styles.

STYLES: Very versatile. Produces light bodied, fruit-driven wines as well as rich, mouth-filling wines.

CLIMATE: Grown throughout new Zealand. Higher acids and more obvious aromatics in the cooler south island regions.

SOILS: Grown on range of soils, but favours clay-rich, low-vigour sites.

TYPICAL AROMAS/FLAVOURS: Apples, pears, honeysuckle, spice, breadcrust, through to riper stonefruit, apricot.

Planting data

Plantings per Region (2014)


Overall plantings in the last 12 years





SOURCE: New Zealand Winegrower's Vineyard Register Report & Annual Report

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