Ballochdale Estate

Ballochdale Estate Vineyard , planted in 2002 is situated on a truly spectacular, isolated, high altitude site in the hills of the Awatere Valley.
Founded by Garry Neill, Ballochdale is fundamentally a contract grape growing company supplying well known wine making companies in Marlborough. It also produces a small quantity of Single Vineyard Estate wine on its own account to best reflect the terrior of the vineyard. Ballochdale is very focused on the production of quality Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The website will give you a greater insight into the operation.
Tel: 00 64 3 5757 164

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The high altitude naturally restricts Ballochdale to target low volume high quality grapes producing intense flavours and balanced tannins. Having a high organic content top soil over clay loam laying over an alluvial layer down 1.6 metres on a sloping site gives Ballochdale a wonderful environment to grow Pinot Noir which we nurture with kid gloves. This changing soil profile with depth gives the vine roots a myriad of nutritional options as they get deeper making the vines more tolerant to variations in climate and an ability to produce multidimensional wines Continue reading →

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  • Address: 220 Ballochdale Road
    R D
    Sneddon, 7285
  • Postal: 220 Ballochdale Road
    Seddon, 7285