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Cape Campbell has been a big deal in Marlborough since the early 2000s, but New Zealand Wine Society didn’t start to sell its wines until the 2007 vintage. Since the 2011 vintage their wines became exclusively available from them.
The range has 2 tiers; a Lifestyle range which is perfect for better-than everyday drinks, and the premium Reserve range. New Zealand Wine Society’s customers absolutely love Cape Campbell; they voted the Cape Campbell Reserve Pinot Gris 2011 their 2011 White Wine of the Year.

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Cape Campbell - Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand


Cape Campbell is dedicated to make wine without damaging the land. The team has shared that focus since day one when they decided to turn a farm in Marlborough’s Lower Blind River district into a vineyard. The major problem was lack of water, and was one of the key reasons why no-one else had planted vineyards. To overcome the problem without causing major disruptions to the surrounding environment, they decided to build a large dam and fill it by pumping water from the Blind River, a small stream that flowed through the property for only about three months of the… Continue reading →

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  • Address: Level 11
    92 Albert Street
    Auckland, 1140
  • Postal: PO Box 2521
    Shortland Street
    Auckland, 1140