Carrick is an integrated organic vineyard, winery, restaurant and cellar door in Bannockburn Central Otago. Known for their quality premium Pinot Noir, Carrick also grows and makes Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc; wines noted for their fruit expression and clarity.
Steve Green, the owner-manager of Carrick, the viticulturist, the winemaker and the chef bring understanding and experience to making fine wine and food. This pride is reflected in the care of the vineyard and environment – Carrick has a flock of free range hens, giant compost heaps and a community garden, all part of the Carrick philosophy.

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Sustainability and Job Security

Sustainability is a concept that is much wider than the actual vineyard and winemaking practices. Sustainability impacts on the wider winery community embracing the social and economic context of the vineyard and winery. The work in vineyards, wineries and winery restaurants fluctuates seasonally. At vintage and pruning time the need for staff increases and our rural winery restaurant is very busy during the summer, with another surge in staff numbers during the ski season. Casual labour can be seen to be a cost effective way of managing vineyard and winery staffing requirements. Casualisation of the workforce may seem to make… Continue reading →

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  • Address: 247 Cairnmuir Road
    Central Otago
    Cromwell, 9384
  • Postal: Cairnmuir Road
    RD 2, Bannockburn
    Cromwell, 9384