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Ceres - Named after the Roman Goddess of Agriculture. The wines are made to reflect the environment they are grown in. Ethical viticulture and the use of a minimalist wine making approach allows for the full expression of terroir. Ceres is a partnership between brothers Matt and James Dicey and the grapes are all sourced from their family vineyards.

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Enhancing soils and sequestering carbon by sequestering Biochar


We have recently obtained funding from the Sustainable Farming Fund to investigate the effects of Biochar on vineyard soils. Biochar is the name for charcoal that is formed by pyrolysis (burning in the absence of oxygen) of biomass (in our case byproducts from the timber industry). Biochar has been implicated in the formation of Terra Preta and is under investigation as a means of achieving carbon sequestration. Additionally, we are investigating the effects Biochar has on increasing the soils buffering capability when sequestered underground with compost - increasing both the cation exchange capacity and water holding ability of the poorer… Continue reading →

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