Four Hawk Day Wines

Four Hawk Day wines originate from our Waihopai Valley family vineyard, established in 1993, where we find the classic old-world family-centered model is the best way to produce exciting new world wines.
The name comes from "hawk spotting" which the children played riding to town, one or two were special, but to see four hawks was the best day possible. The label image was painted by our daughter aged 9.
The first 2012 FHD wine was a typical clean fresh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. For 2013 we have added Pinot Gris and Rosé plus oaked SB and Pinot Noir for 2014.

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We are committed to the ideals of the Sustainable Wine-growing NZ programme and minimise herbicide and pesticide use. For example we do not use any insect targeted pesticides, preferring rather to use companion planting and open canopy management. Mowing and sheep are our preferred weeding option so we only spray when the under-vine area resembles a jungle! Continue reading →

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