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Giesen Wines, established in 1981 by brothers Alex, Theo and Marcel is one of New Zealand’s top 10 wineries and is distributed in 33 countries. From their first vintage in 1984, walking to their own tried and true beat, the three Giesen Brothers have always created great wines. The world fell in love with Giesen Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and now there’s a Giesen wine for every occasion. At the end of the day when work is done, the brothers appreciate family and friends, sharing meals and enjoying a wine. They invite you to do the same.

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Giesen’s Organic Commitment


Giesen’s Organic Commitment 1. With some non-organic farming methods linked to environmental issues, such as carbon emissions and ozone depletion, and growing health concerns around pesticide residues, the support of and demand for organic farming is increasing. 2. With an eye to the future for their children and grandchildren in 2009 the Giesen brothers embarked on a new path, that of organics. Giesen is committed to environmentally sustainable wine production practice and see themselves as guardians of the land and the environment they do business in. For Giesen, sustainability is a continually evolving process of monitoring and minimising their environmental… Continue reading →

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  • Address: 26 Rapaura Road
  • Postal: P O Box 11066
    Christchurch, 8443