Heron's Flight

Established in 1987, Heron's Flight is Matakana's oldest cellar door experience. We specialize entirely in the two Italian grapes- Sangiovese and Dolcetto. We refer to ourselves as a Tuscan style farm, as traditionally, Tuscan farms produce not just grapes for wine, but many other products. From our grapes, we produce verjus and vinegar, as well as our famous non-alcoholic grape juice. We also make our own olive oil and an 18c fruit liqueur from quinces. We are open daily and visitors are always welcome.

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  • Address: 49 Sharps Road
    Matakana, RD 2
    down the drive
    Warkworth, 1241
  • Postal: 49 Sharps Road
    Matakana, RD 2
    Warkworth, 0982