Lowburn Ferry

Lowburn Ferry Vineyard, best known for its “Home Block” Pinot Noir wines, is established on sheltered terraces beneath the Pisa Range. Roger and Jean Gibson planted the first grapes in 2000 on their 4ha site, and have since built a reputation for high quality and award-winning wines. Glacial terraces are a distinctive feature of the landscape surrounding Lowburn Ferry, an early settler’s crossing point over the Clutha River near Cromwell. Lowburn Ferry’s soils are of particular importance in expressing the special “terroir” that sets this vineyard apart, says soil scientist Roger. “At Lowburn Ferry vineyard, the cultural history of the

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  • Address: 5 Swann Road, Lowburn Valley
    Cromwell, 9384
  • Postal: 5 Swann Road, Lowburn Valley
    Cromwell 9384