At StoneCutter we use the same time and care that the ancient Maori used to fashion their stone treasures, to both fashion and treasure our wines.
StoneCutter is a boutique estate specialising in Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Rounding out the range are Stonecutter’s delicious Merlot, Topaz, and Amber wines.
Stonecutter's philosophy is to lightly crop from well-tended vines, producing fruit and wines with intense flavour.
StoneCutter’s first vintage in 1999 indicated a special terrior, with wines of exuberant power. Fifteen vintages later and the superb terrior of Stonecutter has produced a sequence of wines of consistently excellent quality.

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  • Address: 139 Todds Road
    Martinborough, 5784
  • Postal: PO Box 167
    Martinborough, 5741