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Walnut Block is the vision of two brothers – Clyde and Nigel Sowman. Combining their experience in viticulture and the wine industry with their passion and appreciation for fine wine, they have created their own unique range of superbly crafted Marlborough wines.
Towering above the vineyard, Marlborough’s oldest walnut tree from which Walnut Block takes its name, stands in the middle of the Sauvignon Blanc vines. Over 150 years old, the tree provides a special historical focal point for the vineyard.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC, Walnut Block is committed to organic principles and practices.

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Organic Walnut Block


Our decision to manage our vineyards organically was based on the belief we could grow better grapes by working with natures elements. Organic wine grapes have allowed the vineyard’s unique characters to be fully expressed due to less outside influences such as sprays and fertilizers. Depth of flavour and mouthfeel is improving as the vines become more self-sufficient and naturally balanced which also results in a wider nuance of complexity. Continue reading →

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