Toi Toi Wines

A family run business, Toi Toi Wines, (pronounced Toy Toy), is inspired by NZ's natural beauty and awe inspiring flora and fauna. The Toi Toi is our largest and most graceful native grass. There are four Toi Toi sub species which have naturally adapted to New Zealand’s diverse sub-regional climates, like our grape varieties. This natural adaptability and majesty has provided inspiration for our winemaking philosophy: To create quality, distinctive New Zealand wines by sourcing premium varietals from the regions in which they are most renowned. Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, Pinot Noir from Central Otago and Late Harvest Riesling from Waipara
Toi Toi Wines
Toi Toi Wines
+64 21 935 849
41 Gouland Rd
Spring Creek Marlborough
P.O. Box 101618 NSMC
Auckland, 0745
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