Wine Standards Management Plan

If you intend to make any wine for trade or retail sale, then under the Wine Act, you must register a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) with MPI before you start to make any wine.  Once registered, your WSMP compliance must be annually audited (“verified”). There is no longer any requirement for a winemaking “licence”.

You are a “winemaker” if you perform any of these functions from receipt of the grapes through to the dispatch of packaged and labelled wine:

  • crushing or pressing the grapes
  • fermenting grapes into wine
  • making additions to juice or wine
  • storing, blending or mixing wine
  • bottling or otherwise packaging wine.

Some winemakers are exempt from registering a WSMP – in particular, winemakers who both:

  • intend to make less than 20,000 litres of wine over a two-year period and
  • intend not to export any of their wine.

You can find out more about this “very small winemaker” exemption here, along with the exemption for those who only affix labels.

What makes up a WSMP?

A WSMP demonstrates how you meet requirements under the Wine Act. It is made up of several components:

To register your WSMP, use this form

Maintaining your right to make and sell wine

More detail about how to develop, register, use your WSMP and have it annually verified, can be found at this link.


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