Young Viticulturist of the Year

The competition aims to encourage young viticulturists to push the boundaries in the vineyard, and play their part in growing the reputation and quality of premium New Zealand wine.

Hawke's Bay young viticulturists prepare for the 2017 competition

Young Viticulturist of the Year attracts a high caliber of entrants from around the country to vie for the coveted title, which is leading accomplishment for young viticulturists to achieve.

Regional competitions are held throughout New Zealand annually, culminating in a National Final, hosted at the annual New Zealand Winegrowers Romeo Bragato Conference.

The regional competitions include: completing set tasks at a number of work stations, Horty Sport (where the contestant completes diverse activities), a General Knowledge Quiz and presenting a speech on a given topic.

The winner of each regional sector then competes in similar events at the National Final which coincides with the Romeo Bragato Conference.

Bayer Young Viticulturalist of the Year Competition 2017 - Meet the National Finalists
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