How to approach others

As we keep an eye out for each other we may notice a change in their behaviour or mood indicating they’re not feeling themselves.
This behaviour might include being snappy, withdrawn, negative attitude, tired, hyper, coming in late or working extra hours - possibly avoiding going home, dealing with financial worries or overstretched.

So how can we approach someone we think is not feeling themselves
  • Let them know you are thinking of them
  • regular texts or calls
  • If it’s a colleague arrange a catch-up. It’s best to approach via a text or email to give them space and make the catch up somewhere private
  • Go for a walk or a drive. There’s less pressure as not sitting face to face and helps someone open up. 
  • Empathise and share your own experiences – helps open up and build trust.

You can start with something like “it’s been a rough year for everyone, I know I’ve found it hard.  How are things going for you?”

  • Don’t judge
  • Listen – we naturally want to fix, but sometimes letting someone just talk out loud is letting them fix things in their minds and start making a plan
  • Ask if they have support
  • Be there – just sitting together is huge
  • Suggest they call 1737 or EAP
  • Help book professional appointment or take them there if need be – remember if someone is very stressed or depressed even calling strangers is a big deal
  • Debrief – you too can call 1737 for this. It’s important to reset ourselves after hearing some tough things.
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