Essential Businesses letters

We have prepared some template letters to help support your workers and service providers.  These can be downloaded and edited as needed.

These letters are designed to help your workers and service providers - if questioned by Police - to prove that they are essential workers or essential service providers to you as an Essential Business.

They cover a range of different situations, so adapt them as necessary for your particular circumstances.  

Letter for vineyard and winery workers

This is a letter winegrowers can give to their workers, so that they can travel from home to work and back.

Letters for truck drivers

The three template letters below are letters that your truck drivers can carry as evidence they are permitted to provide freight services under Alert Level 4 (if that Alert Level is reinstated at any stage).   Choose and adapt the version most suited to your needs:
1. Letter one can be issued by a vineyard or winery to a trucking business
2. Letter two can be issued by a trucking business that is providing services to several different vineyards/wineries
3. Letter three can be issued by an owner/operator driver that is providing services to several different vineyards/wineries

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