Reliable Information Sources

Be Informed. Be prepared.

Below are links to credible sources providing reliable information about COVID-19.

[Updated 19/3/2020 - 11:00am]

Key government sources of information

Unite against COVID-19: the official Government website

This is now the main New Zealand Government portal for all COVID-19 information and advice:

NZ Ministry of Health COVID-19 webpage (updated daily)

This is the key NZ Ministry of Health information page.  It includes situation reports, and a useful Resources section with links to posters, guidance on government support that is available, and other information COVID-19 portal

The Government has set up a COVID-19 portal for businesses.  It includes links to materials from government agencies on a wide range of topics including Health, Travel, Worksafe, Employment, IRD, etc.

Immigration NZ COVID-19 webpage

Immigration information and advice during the COVID-19 pandemic:

World Health Organisation Situation Report (updated daily)

The WHO’s daily situation report includes a section headed “preparedness and response” which includes links to a large number of factsheets.  This is a valuable source of impartial information.

Key Tourism Sources of Information

Regional Tourism Organisations

A link to the contact details for your local Regional Tourism Organisation can be found here:

Essential Services classifieds

COVID-19 Essential Service Classifieds

NZW classifieds is a directory provided to members for information purposes only.  The listing of a person or organisation in any part in no way implies any form of endorsement of the products or services provided by that person or organisation. View the classifieds here. 

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