Flavours of New Zealand - Dublin

What’s it all about?

Our trade tasting has now become well established in the Dublin trade calendar, where it is seen as an opportunity to explore new offerings and discuss New Zealand’s strengthening place in the market. The quality and engagement of the attendees is high for both trade and consumer events. In 2017, 205 wines from 52 wineries and seven regions were shown to over 100 trade and 130 consumers.

We will continue to work on expanding the reach with our PR partner Jean Smullen, a well-respected member of the trade with extensive contacts and knowledge of the market. We also have a new Dublin venue for 2018 – Aviva Stadium, home of international rugby in Ireland.

Who will be there?      

100 Trade and Media

130 Consumers

When’s it happening?

2-6pm Trade tasting

6.30-8.30pm Consumer tasting

RSVP registrations will be open shortly - watch out for updates 

Event Details

Thu 18 January 2018
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