Grape Days 2020

Tune in online this spring for your annual research update from your industry’s research organisation, the Bragato Research Institute.

  • Tues 8 Sept (11:30 – 12:30pm) Managing grapevine trunk disease with Dr Eline van Zijll de Jong of Linnaeus and Dr Mark Sosnowski of SARDI - click here to register.
  • Tues 15 Sept (3 – 4pm) An update from the Bragato Research Institute team on our science and extension strategies, the upcoming next generation Sauvignon blanc program and the research winery - click here to register
  • Wed 23 Sept (10 – 11:30am) Maximising on vineyard diversity – a selection of research exploring the benefits of enhancing soil health and biodiversity in your vineyard with Kirsty Harkness (Mount Base), Dr Mark Krasnow (Thoughtful Viticulture), Paul Robinson (Villa Maria) and Dr Mary Retallack - click here to register
  • Tues 29 Sept (3 – 4:30pm) Pick and mix (research in brief). Highlights from a range of current viticulture research with Baden Parr (Massey University),  Scott Post (Lincoln Agritech), Dr Mark Krasnow (Thoughtful Viticulture) and Len Ibbotson (BRI) - click here to register
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