New Zealand Wine Awards Dinner

Celebrate our diverse and dynamic wine industry

The New Zealand Wine Awards will be hosted in the home of Sauvignon Blanc on Saturday 16 November 2019, at Marlborough Lines Stadium in Blenheim. 

The evening will recognise the New Zealand Wine of the Year™ competition winners, as well as other industry achievements including the inaugural Cellar Door of the Year, Young Viticulturist of the Year, Young Winemaker of the Year and the New Zealand Winegrowers Fellows for 2019. 

The event is a celebration of the year that was, honouring the talented people that make up our diverse and dynamic wine industry.

Privacy notice for attendees

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Order of Ceremony


New Zealand Wine of the Year
Judges review and Regional and Varietal Trophy Celebration
Champion Organic White Wine
Champion Organic Red Wine
Champion Wine of Provenance


Our People
Address by John Clarke – New Zealand Winegrowers, Chair
Fellows announcement

New Zealand Wine of the Year
Champion Single Vineyard White Wine
QuayConnect Champion Open Red Wine
Label and Litho Champion Open White Wine


Our Place
Cellar Door of the Year 2019

New Zealand Wine of the Year
Hillebrand New Zealand Champion Single vineyard Red Wine
The O-I New Zealand Champion New Zealand Wine of the Year

Our people
Bayer New Zealand Young Viticulturist of the Year
Tonnellerie de Mercurey Young Winemaker of the Year
New Zealand School of Winegrowing Student of the Year


Let's celebrate!
AMinor Thing

Event Details

Sat 16 November 2019
06:30PM - 11:30AM
Marlborough Lines Stadium
Kinross Street
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