Platinum Sponsors

O-I New Zealand
Sponsor of New Zealand Wine of the Year ™ Champion


O-I New Zealand is the nation's only glass wine bottle manufacturer. They are dedicated to supporting New Zealand's renowned wine industry and driving new wine bottle innovations. To help the wine industry grow and develop both domestic and export markets, they offer a wide range of wine bottles featuring either screw cap or cork mouth closure systems. O-I New Zealand continues to develop lightweight wine bottle options which are designed to minimise packaging but retain the premium look and feel of New Zealand wines. O-I New Zealand has been a proud partner of New Zealand's wine industry and their sponsorship is another example of their wide spread support for the wine industry.

JF Hillebrand New Zealand
Sponsor of Best Single Vineyard Red Wine

JF Hillebrand

Since 1844 JF Hillebrand has been dedicated to the efficient and cost-effective logistics of beverages. Today more than 1,800 professionals in 46 offices all over the world put that experience to work for their clients, by taking care of the smooth flow of beverages day after day. They are now the world’s leading logistics provider to the global beverage industry. In New Zealand JF Hillebrand has been assisting winemakers deliver award-winning wines to markets around the world. Through their association with New Zealand Winegrowers they support the development and recognition of New Zealand wines throughout the world.

Label and Litho Limited
Sponsor of Best Open White Wine 

Label and Litho

At Label and Litho we love labels and we know that our passion for labels shines through in the quality of the awesome labels that we produce! Our world class printing presses (both conventional flexo and digital) and state of the art finishing lines mean that whatever the quantity, whatever the look, we have the best equipment for the job. Our finishing lines give us the ability to add the latest and the very greatest embellishments to the labels that we produce – hi build, foils, normal embosses, sculptured embosses, textures and more. Along with our commitment to producing awesome labels we have a commitment to environmental sustainability and in 2008 became the first label printers in New Zealand to achieve Enviro-mark Gold. And to keep us true to our environmental commits an external auditor audits us every year. We see our labels on shelves everywhere and this makes us proud.

Best Open Red Wine

PN Quay Connect

QuayConnect is an award-winning 3PL warehousing and distribution business, focusing on the wine industry, particularly moving Marlborough wine for export through Nelson. By redefining connectivity between producers, suppliers and customers around modern, port-side storage hubs, QuayConnect moves more goods, more efficiently and saves customers money while significantly reducing the wine industry's very real impact on the environment. Along with its partners, QuayConnect is a fully BRC-accredited wine supply chain – from grape to glass.

Gold Sponsors

Sponsor of Champion Sauvignon Blanc


Antipodes is one of new Zealand's purest waters, untouched from its source 327 metres under the ground. Recognized by the United Nations for its environmental initiatives. Antipodes is the first premium water in the world to be carbon neutral to the dining table, anywhere in the world. Conceived for the restaurant table, Antipodes' subtle minerality hydrates and refreshes, whilst cleansing the palate. It's sole purpose is to support and complement fine wine and cuisine. 

Dish Magazine
Sponsor of Champion Pinot Gris


Dish is an award-winning bi-monthly magazine and website for people who enjoy good food and matching it with the perfect wine. Every issue contains inspiring seasonal recipes and stories about New Zealand food and wine producers. The content is beautifully presented and easy to follow, and offers inspiration for both accomplished cooks and those keen to try something new.

Fruitfed Supplies
Sponsor of Champion Pinot Noir

Fruitfed Supplies

Fruitfed Supplies is proud of the strong and productive relationship we have with the New Zealand viticulture industry. Our own research and trial programmes are aimed at ensuring we continue to offer the best plant protection and nutrition management programmes that meet industry guidelines. With highly trained and experienced field staff operating across the country, Fruitfed Supplies is committed to servicing and supporting the needs of winegrowers and winemakers in New Zealand.

New World
Sponsor of Champion Rosé

New World

Our 138 New World stores across the country are positioned to deliver the best overall shopping experience to completely meet our customers' needs with the best possible range of groceries and fresh food, significant quality, excellent customer service and great value for money. The shelves are stocked with the most popular brands, and we are constantly looking for new products that suit our customers' busy lifestyles. Shopping with New World is always more rewarding with Clubcard. Scan it with every shop to save money with Club Deals and to enter exclusive competitions.

Plant & Food Research
Sponsor of Champion Riesling

Plant Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand-based science company providing research and development that adds value to plant and marine-based food industries. We work with the wine industry to develop integrated research programmes designed to meet both the present and future needs of grape growers and winemakers.  Our science can be applied across a broad range of areas, creating solutions tailored to our customers’ production, market and consumer needs. Plant & Food Research maintains a portfolio of wine research, as part of the New Zealand Government’s Strategic Science Investment Fund, managed by our Wine Leadership Team and based around four research programmes: Advancing Viticulture, Authentic & Distinctive Wine, Grapevine Improvement and Vineyard Health.

Riedel New Zealand
Sponsor of Champion Gewurztraminer


Established in 1756, Riedel is recognised worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for the enjoyment of wine. Grape-specific glassware that translates and delivers the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of a wine to the senses.

Sponsor of Champion Syrah 


Founded in 2004, winejobsonline.com’s mission is to connect wine industry employers with the best talent, New Zealand and globally. winejobsonline.com is the only 100% New Zealand owned and operated wine industry recruiting website with global reach. We are committed to providing a vital service to the wine industry and our team have more than 40 years combined wine industry experience in New Zealand and globally.

Sponsor of Champion Sparkling Wine 


WineWorks’ New Zealand wide network provides bottling and warehousing solutions to a large number of New Zealand wineries to enable them to focus their expertise on making and marketing great New Zealand wine to the world. As New Zealand's leading contract bottler, we aim to be "Trusted to Bottle New Zealand for the World". Our sponsorship reflects our commitment to sparkling wine production and the exciting growth prospects that this sector continues to deliver.

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