Vintage 2019 Photo Competition


Get your cameras ready

Vintage is the most important time of the year on the winery calendar. But how much do your social media followers know about it?

We're encouraging all our members and their staff to get posting all the amazing behind-the-scenes moments that go into this crazy time of year. The amazing sunrise as you 'leave' work, grapes thundering into the receival bins, the people from all around the world you welcome into your lives or the winemaking processes that go into producing incredible New Zealand wines. 

How to Enter

If you're an NZ Winegrowers member, or work at one, get posting your vintage photos! The competition runs from the 1 March to the 30 April 2019.

Tag #NZv19 on social media (you must have a public account) or upload a photo below.


We have one $2000 photoshoot for a member to win! Use it to refresh your website, get some team portraits or update your marketing collateral with beautiful professional images.

After the 30th of April, we will share a shortlist of the best images and chose just one final winner. 

The winning photographer must be, work at or represent one winery or grower. See the full terms and conditions here

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