BRI Research Winery

Funding approved for new research winery in Marlborough.

In June 2018 an annual work-plan was submitted to MBIE as part of RRI funding requirements. This included a business case for an additional $2 million contribution towards developing a new research winery facility in Marlborough. 

The BRI were delighted to be advised in September that this additional funding had been approved, giving them the green light to develop a national research winery.

As well as being used for trials on wine research projects, the new winery will provide many other opportunities.

The opportunities include:

  • A facility where commercial wineries can trial new winemaking methods, techniques or products
  • A centre for education and learning, allowing students to learn about winemaking and research
  • Opportunities for exchanges and secondments with other research institutions and research wineries abroad
  • A technology hub, trialling new winery equipment and technology
  • A drawcard for international and regional visitors
  • Modelling winery and winemaking sustainability

For the first phase of this project, bespoke fermentation tanks have been designed and commissioned and these will be trialed in the 2019 vintage in the NMIT winery. 

Over the next few months the BRI will be looking for companies or individuals who would be interested in sponsoring the new research winery and/or related equipment. If you are interested in being involved or would like further information, please contact BRI Establishment Manager, Tracy Benge


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