Refined and fruit-driven, New Zealand Chardonnay is mouth-filling, with concentrated citrus and bright tropical fruit.

Vavasour Chardonnay

The versatility of this grape makes it a perfect canvas for our viticulturists and winemakers to craft masterpieces.

A wide-range of Chardonnay styles are produced in New Zealand, from fruit-driven and unoaked, to luscious examples with complexity, elegance, and a touch of oak.

New Zealand Chardonnay strongly reflects our unique terroir, and the huge diversity within the different regions.

During the 1990s, plantings of this internationally fashionable variety exceeded those of every other grape, today top quality Chardonnay can be found in every region.

Balanced, fruit-laden and concentrated, New Zealand Chardonnay is eternally elegant with a balance of minerality and fruit.

Chardonnay statistics
Chardonnay production in New Zealand
Donut graph showing regional split of chardonnay production
Regional plantings of Chardonnay in New Zealand

Typical regional styles: climate is a major factor in defining regional styles


Warmer climates typically yield full-medium bodied, round, rich flavours and soft-medium acidity.

Marlborough and other cool-climate regions typically produce medium to light bodied with greater acidity and minerality and fresh, citrus and savoury flavours. 



Food matching


A young or unoaked Chardonnay is fabulous with seafood.

Mature New Zealand Chardonnays are richer and more complex with stronger toast and nut flavour.

Our Chardonnay complements full flavoured savoury dishes such as chicken, veal and rabbit with creamy, garlic or lemon flavoured sauces.

The creamy, fruit-driven flavours of mature New Zealand Chardonnay are sublime alongside a dessert of apple and pear crumble.


Cellaring & serving

Cellaring and Serving New Zealand Chardonnay


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