Voluptuous in breadth and weight, with smooth texture and subtle acidity.

Aromatics Symposium 2017, Nelson

New Zealand winemakers have harnessed the complex and generous nature of the Gewürztraminer grape, and a range of unique expressions can be now be found throughout the country. 

An extremely fragrant variety, rose petals, lychee, cinnamon, and ginger are characters commonly found in New Zealand Gewürztraminer.

Statistics for production and exports of gewurztraminer
SOURCE: New Zealand Winegrowers Annual Report

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Donut graph showing regional split of Gewürztraminer production
Varietal plantings of Gewürztraminer in New Zealand

Climate is a major factor in defining regional styles.

North Island styles have a fuller mouth-feel and are more textural, whereas the South Island examples are more linear in structure, with distinct and elegant aromas.

Food matching

The controlled grace of a New Zealand Gewürztraminer lends a sumptuousness to Thai king prawns with basil and chilli.

Cellaring & serving

Cellaring and Serving New Zealand Gewürztraminer

Overall plantings in the past 10 years (hectares)

Overall Plantings of New Zealand Gewürztraminer
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