Nutty, biscuity aromas, balanced with fresh acidity and fruit are the hallmark characters of New Zealand sparkling wine.

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Traditional sparkling winemaking techniques combined with New Zealand’s cool climate and plentiful sunshine produce impressively high quality sparkling wine.

Balanced, well-structured wines can be found across a wide range of styles. With precise fruit expression, naturally high acidity and mouth-filling palates, New Zealand’s sparkling wines have become renowned for their depth, finesse and drinking pleasure.

Marlborough produces a significant portion of New Zealand sparkling, though diverse styles are produced the country’s length and breadth. A wide range of styles are produced in New Zealand, predominantly Méthode Traditionnelle from the classic varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but also aromatic styles including Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.

While New Zealand Sparkling exports only represent a minute percentage of total annual exports, the quality and character of these wines have ensured the establishment of a solid reputation.


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Food matching

New Zealand sparkling wine’s high acidity makes it an excellent companion to food, so look beyond its usual role as a celebratory wine. It is a particularly brilliant partner for seafood and not just the classic match with oysters... smoked salmon, caviar and fresh sashimi will also shine.

Sparkling wines cut through the richness of pork and will partner many Chinese dishes very well. Sweeter styles (Demi-Sec or Doux) can be excellent partners to lighter fruit-based desserts or used as palate cleansers between the main and dessert courses.

Most sparkling wines are ready to drink upon purchase and even the most premium New Zealand wines offer remarkably good value when compared to their French equivalents.


Statistics for production and exports of sparkling
Statistics for production and exports of sparkling

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