Carbon Reduce certification

Climate change has been a focus area of the New Zealand Winegrowers Environment Strategy since 2019. Since then, we have launched a suite of initiatives designed to progress action against our industry health indicator and longer-term KPIs relating to climate change.


Most recently, NZW successfully gained Carbon Reduce certification from NZ's only accredited carbon certifier, Toitū Envirocare (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research).

This not only means that we are taking accountability for our own emissions through the establishment of an annually audited carbon inventory, but we also have a long-term plan in place to reduce our gross emissions, and subsequently, our contribution to climate change.

We are now in an excellent position to support any of our members wishing to gain certification themselves or at least guide those wishing to understand if it’s an option for their business.

Alongside updates to our SWNZ programme to explicitly incorporate climate indicators, and climate change adaption research that has been delivered by Bragato Research Institute, this certification further strengthens our message of being committed to combating climate change in a meaningful way and is another step towards cementing our reputation as a national and global climate leader.


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  • 04 Aug 2021

    NZW Toitū carbonreduce certification

    New Zealand Winegrowers Incorporated meets the requirements of Toitū carbonreduce certification having measured its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2006 and committed to managing and reducing its emissions in respect of the operational activities of its organisation including the Bragato Research Institute.

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