Vineyard image with the text "The New Zealand Wine Diaries Mastering the Conversation" Vineyard image with the text "The New Zealand Wine Diaries Mastering the Conversation"

New Zealand Wine in a Post-COVID World

Lead MS - David Keck MS
Resident NZ MW - Emma Jenkins MW
With - John Szabo MS & Ronan Sayburn MS


Here we look to the future and where the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of New Zealand winegrowing will take us next in the constantly evolving wine landscape. We focus on new grape varieties that are gaining traction or deserve more recognition. We look at more nascent regions with exciting futures. We dive into where this country with such diversity of climate and viticultural possibility might be heading. Finally, we discuss where we see the wines of New Zealand best positioned on wine lists, in retail, and in the global markets as we see all of this shift dramatically in the ever-so-confusing year of 2020. 


David Keck MS - David was most recently a partner in Houston’s Goodnight Hospitality group. He has just returned to his home state of Vermont to explore new pursuits in the beverage industry. When not talking about New Zealand wine, David can be found whispering words of encouragement to his sourdough starter, Milton, and pruning Apple trees in northern Vermont.

John Szabo MS - Canada’s first Master Sommelier, author, presenter and critic with, (former) intrepid traveller, and fanatic of racy, cool climate wines. John speaks 5 languages, but has promised to present mostly in English.  When not tasting wine, he can be found drinking wine and chopping wood in his wine country farmhouse in Prince Edward County (not in that order).

Ronan Sayburn MS - Ronan Sayburn is a Master Sommelier and currently Head of Wine at wine lovers haven 67 Pall Mall in London, plus CEO for the Court of Master Sommeliers Europe. When not doing something with wine, Ronan can be found deep diving shipwrecks off the south coast of England. He finds it best to keep the two pursuits very separate.

Cameron Douglas MS - New Zealand's only and Oceania's very first Master Sommelier, Cameron writes, reviews, judges, presents and waxes lyrical about wine (most especially fine New Zealand wine). He works with restaurants in New Zealand, writes for four magazines, judges in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA and Asia, and lectures full-time in wine and beverage at AUT University. When it's not wine, it's in the kitchen, cooking up fabulous dishes to pair, mixing cocktails (or at the gym working it all off...)

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