Green Wine Future

23 May 2022

New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW) are proud to have been involved in the Oceania leg (day 4) of the 2022 Green Wine Future conference, 23-26 May. The organisers say ‘Green Wine Future was the most important and ambitious conference for the wine industry in tackling the most pressing issue affecting our society’. There were over 100 speakers around the world on sustainable initiatives and strategies that can help mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis in the world of wine. 

Green Wine Future Conference New Zealand Speaker Summary

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Frequently asked questions

If the time zone is not in waking hours in my country how can sessions be accessed?

- Recorded sessions will be available to view as soon as the day is over.

How long after the conference can session recordings be accessed?

- All sessions of the entire conference will be accessible until August 26.

There is a virtual magazine  for the conference. How will I receive it?

- It will be sent to all participants a few days before the start of the event.

There is a virtual expo with Booths to visit during the breaks in the conference. When will this expo be accessible?

-The virtual booths that can be accessed 2 weeks in advance of the conference for ticket holders - A notice will be sent by email to all attendees

What are the social media platforms the conference are using?

-GWF is most active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How much are the tickets?
- Tickets are $108 NZD with the 55% discount that NZW members get.

Opportunities for brand exposure

In addition to tuning into the conference, it’s also possible to take a page in the conference virtual magazine and/or register for a booth to network in the virtual expo that is running during the conference (and in the two weeks prior). Examples of how this could look are linked here. To register please click here.

GWF joins forces with Hopin

GWF has joined forces with Hopin, the leading company offering virtual technology for events out of Silicon Valley. With this technology GWF will offer interactive, visually dynamic presentations featuring a state-of-the-art virtual tradeshow area and online networking facilities. However, the most attractive feature of this edition is the way in which speakers will make their presentations. To avoid the “zoom fatigue” and to make the conference more dynamic, speakers will show video footage of the topics they will be addressing, showing practical solutions recorded at wineries, vineyards, laboratories, research center, etc. but in some cases GWF will also offer live broadcast from these sites.

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