Asia Export Markets – What’s New?

This session was held on 10 March 2021. A full recording and a written summary are available below, and you can access the full report (March 2021) that the webinar is based on/presents, here.

Get the latest on what’s happening in four key markets, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, in just one hour. This webinar is a super-efficient way to catch up with import data, trends, channel analysis and COVID-19 impacts and recovery. Using a mix of hard data, analysis and anecdotes from key market players, including a run-down of preliminary Chinese New Year sales trends, this webinar, hosted by Nimbility, is the ideal way to keep across what’s going on in New Zealand’s core Asia export markets.

For more Nimbility reports available to NZW members, click here.

Summary of the Webinar

The Asia Nimbility Webinar presentation covered the following topics:

  • Summary of core markets Greater China (Mainland China & Hong Kong), Japan and Singapore
  • For each market:
    • Brief discussion of 2020 import data by value and volume (where available)
    • Position of New Zealand relative to overall market trends – mostly positive in all markets
    • Channel analysis – HORECA, retail, e-commerce, wholesale
    • Anecdotal comments from key industry players
    • Highlighting trends across each market
  • Detailed Q&A session covering opportunities for New Zealand wine around:
    • China market gap left by the Australia situation
    • E-commerce
    • Low- and no-alcohol
    • Different formats – bag in box, cans, etc
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