Carbon neutrality through innovative packaging

Carbon neutrality through innovative packaging

The wine industry has struggled to provide small format servings to meet the needs of the modern consumer. In a small format the glass/liquid ratio is unproductive and difficult to satisfy customer needs for portability and convenience. Often the solution has been to rely on plastic to service this sector. With the development in technology in the last few years, it is now possible to use aluminium cans with complete confidence and stability for the wines. Sustainability and 100% recyclable packaging. Carbon neutral, particularly with shipping weight/costs. These are all vital elements to reducing the carbon footprint of our industry’s small formats. When cans were first introduced to wine decades ago, they weren’t lined internally, and had stability and shelf life issues. With the advent of technology allowing for cans to have the wine not touch the aluminium and providing the utmost in stability and freshness – comparable to glass, it’s a priority for us with our eco-friendly and carbon neutral aspirations. Blind tastings of the same wines in glass/aluminium have shown that the consumer chooses equally the can (51.1% chose cans as preferred wine). With many respected medal wins for the wines in can and the advent of the craft beer movement making cans sexy, it has become the fastest growing wine category worldwide. We can guarantee our wine fresh for 4 years as we have been testing it against the same wine in a bottle. We have taken our company to only providing wine in a can and all other packaging to 100% recycled material to achieve carbon neutrality. NZ Wine leads the world in sustainability and the wine in cans is an extension of this to support the desire for portable, innovative and convenient packaging. It allows wine to enter the venues and occasions that glass is not allowed. Vegan and Plant Based makes wine the natural choice.

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