Cow Pat Pits

Cow Pat Pits

We believe that no irrigation, paired with natural wine growing techniques leads to true terroir expression in our varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and produces fruit of the highest quality possible. Natural wine growing pairs perfectly with this as the ‘less is more’ practices allow the wine to truly express where it has come from.
“It’s also about respect for what we have, and what we will leave for generations to come” says Fabiano Frangi, Clos Henri’s Vineyard Manager.
Our most recent venture is our newly installed cow pat pits. The pits are half cut wine barrels in the ground, (recycling materials of course!) containing a mixture of cow manure, Basalt rock, crushed egg shells and a biodynamic preparation. This mixture is covered and decomposes over 3-4 months before it’s mixed with water and used as a spray over the vines. This is a specialized way of composting which provides the vines with unique bacteria and fungi that resist against disease in the vineyard, and give back to the vines.
“The results of being natural show in the vineyard and in the wines. You can feel and observe the response from the land of organic and biodynamic practices, that’s why we trust it. We are producing quality grapes that are not altered by chemicals and we’re not being detrimental to the land we work with or the environment around us.” says Fabiano.

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