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Cloudy Bay Sustainability - Soil

Support of the soil is key to the success of our viticulture and to the sustainability of our
industry. If we destroy or deplete our soil, we cannot hope to grow good quality grapes.

We are constantly investigating ways of increasing nitrogen and organic matter in our soils,
through adding supplements and mulch, as well as working with inter-row plantings.

Commencing 2019, we are undertaking a three year trial of under-vine management systems
across different soil types and grape varieties, in pursuit of a zero herbicide outcome. In the
meantime, we aim to minimise chemical weed control by winter grazing sheep and infra-red
weed-sensing technology to target only weeds for direct application.

We are actively investigating the use of recycling sprayers, with a view to incorporate them for
fungicide reduction and to reduce spray drift.

We spread grape marc, a by-product of winemaking, in the vineyards within 48 hours of
processing in the winery.

We plant non-productive vineyard land to provide biodiversity and soil stabilisation within the

A 7ha block on our Estate vineyard is being used to trial organic practices at Cloudy Bay.
Calvert vineyard in Central Otago is fully organic certified through Biogro

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