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Today Hunter’s Wines has been awarded CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) after putting in place management plans to measure and reduce Carbon Emissions committing the company to on-going sustainability management.

CEMARS chief executive, Graham Carter congratulates Hunter’s Wines on adding CEMARS certification to their long list of achievements and welcomes them to the growing family of proactive organisations choosing to take real leadership in this area.

“Jane Hunter is an inspirational leader in the NZ wine industry, her adoption of CEMARS is endorsement of her commitment to credible sustainability action. CEMARS provides the robust evidence that Hunter’s global retailers and distributors are demanding and allows them to compete with an innovative point of differentiation.”

Hunter’s joins the elite group of small wineries exporting with the demand for recognised sustainability accreditation. Hunter’s is the second winery in Marlborough to have their CEMARS certification, with Villa Maria Estate already having the certification. Palliser Estate Wines in Martinborough are the only other winery in New Zealand to have CEMARS.

Hunter’s have been producing award winning wines for 30 years now and it is important to show that we are committed to sustainability practises while still making a quality product, says Jane Hunter. CEMARS provides this space for Hunter’s and has enabled us to improve practises and implement new ones to ensure that we are ‘up to speed’ with all the latest sustainability opportunities, says Jane.

CEMARS certification is credible as it is transparent, based on a scientific footprint measurement, and aligned with international best practice standards (ISO14064-1). This provides assurance to businesses around the credibility and accuracy of their carbon foot printing activity.

CEMARS was developed from over 15 years expert scientific research at Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute owned by the New Zealand Government. Today it is recognised in over fifty major world economies and can be applied as a best practice standard across businesses operations ensuring consistency of emissions measurement, credibility of reduction activity and assurance of market claims.

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