Sustainability is a topic on the mind of many people of today. Saint Clair Family Estate has addressed many sustainability issues over recent years with one of the key drivers to this change being a particular individual – Tracey.

Tracey is a driving force for enhancing sustainability for Saint Clair Family Estate assisting with tackling the challenge of altering people’s thinking and ultimately creating actions that will assist with ensuring our environment is sustainable.

This topic is important as it is often the small changes in the way people think that lead to changes in habits. These small habitual changes in turn make significant impact.

Tracey has the environment in the front of mind with the belief that Saint Clair Family Estate can continue to make some of the finest wines of the world with as little impact on the environment as possible while at the same time often not having to make huge changes or costing large amounts of money.

Small targeted changes (making big impacts) have been projects such as reduction, recycling, reusing, introduction of plants, review and alteration of stationery supplier etc.

Plants are important to our environment. Plants create oxygen and hold the soil in place so that wind and rain don’t create erosion. The planting of plants in and around the winery is a small way of contributing to enhancing and sustaining the environment.

Reducing/reusing and recycling has been cost effective for Saint Clair. It has become as natural as breathing. This has resulted in a huge reduction in waste sent to a landfill. Benefits are widespread. Food waste is given to worms or chickens. The shredded paper is being engulfed by gardens of Marlborough. These same gardens are flourishing from worm castings which increase availability of nutrients to plants, increase the soil’s water holding capacity, help to break up clay soils and improve soil structure.

Tracey has instigated a project to reduce the number of double up magazines received by the company. This in turn reduces unnecessary waste to the landfill. Some procedures involve printing and through Tracey’s initiative the company has moved to filing invoices on the company server thus saving at least three reams of photocopy paper each year. Re-using all ink cartridges is another small but significant way of decreasing waste to a landfill and thus enhancing sustainability.

Tracey carries the message that having the least impact on our environment isn’t hard work – it is easy and sensible (enjoyable almost). Learning through Tracey has made the Saint Clair staff think smarter, carrying out incredibly simple but highly effective habits that cost nothing, just change our thinking enhancing our environment for ourselves and generations to come.
Thanks Tracey

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