Industry Honours: Fellows

The New Zealand Winegrowers Fellows award recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the industry.

Fellows of New Zealand Wine are a group of very highly respected and influential individuals who have helped to make our industry the success it is today.

The work of these individuals enables a small industry like ours to punch above our weight on the world stage and we thank them for their efforts.

Roll of Fellows and Life Members of New Zealand Winegrowers

2006       Ross Spence QSO

2006       Reid Fletcher

2008       Tim Finn

2008       John Webber

2012       Robin Dicey

2013       Stuart Smith

2013       Sir George Fistonich

2014       Hermann Seifried

2014       Agnes Seifried

2014       Richard Riddiford

2015       Kate Radburnd

2015       Mike Trought

2015       Alan Brady

2016       Larry McKenna

2017       Joe Babich

2017       Geoff Thorpe

2017       Bill Spence

2017       Lorraine Rudelj

2018       Jane Hunter

2018        Ivan Sutherland

2018        Mark Nobilo

2019        Bob Campbell

2019        Steve Green

2019        Annie Millton

2019        James Millton

2020        Alwyn Corban

2020        Dr John Forrest

2020        Dr R Balasubramaniam (Bala)

2021        Rudi Bauer

2021       John Clarke

2021       Andy Frost

2021       Daniel & Adele Le Brun

2021       Steve Smith MW

2022       Chris Howell

2022       Clive Paton

2022       Phyll Pattie

2022       Jim Delegat

2022       Rose Delegat

2022       Dominic Pecchenino

2023       Neal Ibbotson

2023       Judy Ibbotson

2023       David Jordan

2023       Mal McLennan

2023       Peter Holley


Roll of Fellows - Wine Institute of NZ

1982       George T Mazuran OBE, JP

                Bogoslav (Bob) Sokolich

                Alexander A Corban OBE, BSc, RD Oen

                Thomas B McDonald OBE, JP

1987       Mate G Brajkovich OBE

1988       Peter D Fredatovich, MBE, JP

1990       Mate I Selak

1991       Joseph A Corban MBE

1992       Frank I Yukich

1993       John (Jock) C Graham MNZM

1994       Robert O Knappstein RD Oen

1995       Peter J Babich MBE

1996       Terence J Dunleavy MBE, JP

1997       Donald M Maisey

1998       Anthony F Soljan

1999       John Buck OBE

2003       Kerry Hitchcock


Roll of Honorary Life Members -NZ Winegrowers

2005        Ms Margaret Harvey MW


Roll of Honorary Life Members - Wine Institute of New Zealand

1997       Bryan Mogridge ONZM, BSc

1998       James S Fraser B.Food Tech, Dip.Dy

1999       Stanley L Harris QSM


Roll of Life Members - NZGGC

1995       Ross Goodin ONZM, QM

2000       Kevyn Moore QSM

2004       Jim Hamilton

2005       Willie Crosse


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