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As part of its commitment to sustainability, New Zealand Winegrowers supports and collaborates with Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ). OWNZ is a grower-led organisation dedicated to supporting and encouraging the production of high quality, organic and biodynamically grown wines.

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Organic winegrowers cooperate with nature.

OWNZ engages in research and education to promote knowledge-sharing about organic growing and works to educate the world about New Zealand organic and biodynamic wines.

Organic grape and wine production is a growing part of the New Zealand wine world. Ten percent of New Zealand wineries now hold organic certification, including many of our iconic, world-renowned producers.

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand members

Whether already organic or just starting out, all New Zealand wine industry members are welcome to join Organic Winegrowers New Zealand. Member benefits include education, publicity and networking. 

Visit the OWNZ website for a list of fully and part certified organic winegrowers:

Please note OWNZ is a voluntary membership organisation and may not include all certified organic wineries and vineyards. To keep abreast of the latest certification status of this growing and evolving sector, please contact BioGro New Zealand, one of the main organic certifiers in New Zealand. They collect data on the total organic wine sector, including that from the other organic certification bodies, Asure Quality, OrganicFarmNZ, and Demeter. For further information please contact

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To find out more about organic winegrowing in New Zealand, please contact Organic Winegrowers New Zealand:

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