We’re committed to protecting the places that make our famous wines.

Sustainability is an integral part of the New Zealand wine industry. New Zealand’s winemakers and grape growers are committed to crafting exceptional wine while helping the natural environment, local businesses and communities to thrive.

We were the first wine industry to establish a nationwide sustainability programme in 1997.

Twenty years later, Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand™ is still widely recognised as a world-leading, with 98% of New Zealand’s vineyard producing area certified by the programme.

New Zealand Wine has five sustainability focus areas aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Water, Waste, Pest and Disease, Climate Action and People. Learn more about the focus areas.


Kaitiakitanga is the Māori concept of guardianship and protecting the environment.

A kaitiaki is a person or group that is recognised as a guardian by the tangata whenua. As all New Zealand Winegrowers members are responsible for ensuring the sustainability of the New Zealand wine industry, we can be considered kaitiaki, protecting the places that create our exceptional wines.

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