Geographical Indications

Protecting the places that make our wine famous.

Map of New Zealand identifying its wine regions
Wine regions of New Zealand

The Geographical Indications (GI) (Wine and Spirits) Registration Amendment Bill was passed by New Zealand's parliament in November 2016.

The legislation is a significant step forward for our sector as it will provide an international safeguard for New Zealand's geographic names.

Our ‘Geographical Indications’ - the names and places where our wines come from - are at the very heart of the New Zealand wine story, and this new law provides a heightened level of protection for them.

This is an exciting and important step forward for our industry as it will allow us to uphold the integrity of our highly valued ‘New Zealand’ wine brand, and the growing recognition of our regional and sub-regional brands.

The registration system established by the Act will be world-class, providing a secure and solid platform for New Zealand wine producers to promote our wines and regions in international markets.

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