Winemakers and grape growers who sell their products are required to pay a grape or wine levy on these sales.

Payment of the grape or wine levies entitles you to membership of New Zealand Winegrowers.

Associate members are also accepted, although such members do not enjoy voting rights.

For enquiries about membership please complete the relevant application form below and email Hannah Stanton-Kerr

Governance and funding

The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors of 12, 10 of whom are elected directly by members, and 2 of whom are appointed by the Board.

New Zealand Winegrowers is funded through:

  • a levy on the sale of grapes collected under the Commodity Levies Act 1991
  • a levy on the sale of wine under the Wine Act 2003, and
  • user pays activities and sponsorships.

Physical address: Level 3, Hamburg Sud House, 52 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010

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