New Zealand Riesling

Racy, aromatic, diverse. Naturally vibrant with a zesty acidity: the ideal wine for a range of cuisines.

The South Island's bright days, cool nights and long, dry autumns create the perfect climate for Riesling. 

Styles range from bone dry to lushly sweet. You’ll find stonefruit and spice characters from sunny Nelson; lemon and lime from Marlborough; and green apples, minerality and citrus from the cooler North Canterbury and Central Otago regions.

Though present in the 1800s, it is only since the 1980s that Riesling began to be planted in volume, rising to the fourth most popular white variety planted in recent years.

Approximately 95% of Riesling is grown in the South Island, where the climate is ideally suited with cool, long, dry, sunny autumns, large diurnal variance and low humidity.

Time and again, New Zealand Riesling proved to be an amazingly consistent, pure and refreshing expression of a great grape, irrespective of producer.

James Laube, winespectator

There is a wide range of regional styles from bone dry to lushly sweet


Expressive, fruit-rich styles with ripe stonefruit, spice and citrus blossom. Intense aromatics and crisp, well-structured palates result from Nelson's abundant sunshine, moderate climate and high diurnal variation.


The cooler region of Marlborough has a more linear, overtly aromatic style, producing dry and off-dry styles. They tend towards strongly scented and mouth-wateringly crisp with intense lemon/lime flavours and spice. 

North Canterbury

The cool plains surrounding Christchurch and the undulating terrain an hour's drive north produce crisp, flinty Riesling characterised by green apples and citrus. 

Central Otago

The cool, extended growing season and stony soils give very pristine, heightened aromatics, citrus fruit expressions and finely balanced, delicate structure. 


The region’s hot summers, cool nights and long dry autumns allow a wide range of styles and contribute fragrance and intensity. Vibrant with nectarine, citrus and spice, with good intensity of flavour and bright acidity.



Food matching

The combination of fruit intensity, citrus notes and refreshing acidity in New Zealand Riesling complement a wide range of Asian cuisine. 

Enjoy the drier styles with salads, Japanese tempura and light seafood or chicken dishes, and the sweeter styles with spicy yet fragrant Asian dishes, such as Thai curry.


Cellar and serving 

Cellar New Zealand Riesling for anywhere between 1.5 years to 5+ years.

For optimal drinking experience, serve New Zealand Riesling at 7 degrees Celsius/45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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