01 Jul 2017

Ensuring healthy vineyards through proactive biosecurity.

Kirkpatrick Estate Winery

New Zealand’s isolation and climate have protected our vineyards from most of the potentially devastating grape pests and diseases that affect other wine producing nations.

With over 36,000 hectares of grapes in production (and more planned to satisfy increasing demand) and our international connections increasing, the biosecurity risk to our vineyards has been heightened.

It is critical that New Zealand vineyards are fully prepared to respond to any biosecurity incursion that has the potential to threaten the industry.

In 2017 New Zealand Winegrowers joined the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for biosecurity readiness and response. Joining GIA means the wine industry is a partner with the Crown, making joint decisions on readiness and response activities in return for cost share.

Mt Beautiful Winery

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